Ibrahim Husain | Ramadan Days 4-7
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Ramadan Days 4-7

Ramadan days 4-7

Ramadan Days 4-7

Wow, Ramadan is flying by.  With the new baby, trying to make it to Masjid as often as possible, running my business, and spending more time being conscious of God and learning more about Islam, these past 4 days have passed without my blogging about them.

Ramadan has been such a blessing so far.  I’ve made dua every day (something I rarely do enough), I’m slowly becoming more comfortable with putting my full trust in my creator (and doing my part to make things happen), and I’m finding it easier and easier to exercise patience and forgive others.  Clearly, God is softening my heart.  It’s a good feeling.

Quran – Unity Through the Quran (~9 minutes)

Ramadan Pro Tip #4 – Gratitude (~3 minutes)

Even if you attempted to count the blessings of Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala: Glory to him, the Exalted), you’d never be able to comprehend the blessings you enjoy.  Allah says “If you are grateful to me, I will increase you.”  One who enjoys their food while eating it and is grateful, receives the same blessing as one who fasts and is patient during his fast.

My Dua for the Day

Al-Wahhab (the bestower), Ar-Razzaq (the sustainer), place in my heart true gratefulness for the blessings you have bestowed upon me.  Allow me to appreciate every blessing around me.  Allow me to take time to appreciate life.  Al-Latif (the gentle, the kind), bless me with a soft heart towards everyone around me.  Remove from my heart aggression, harshness, and hardness and replace it with softness, kindness, and compassion.  Bless my family with the same.  Ameen.


Ibrahim Husain, MBA/MHA

Ibrahim is an entrepreneur, blogger, and the founder of Innerloop Innovations. He enjoys drinking coffee and tea, exercising, taking photos, and spending time with his wife and baby boy.

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