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New Year, New Ibrahim!

Happy New Year

New Year, New Ibrahim!

Happy New Year!  2016!  Woohoo!

2016 holds a lot of big changes for me:

  1. I’ve quit my day job to pursue my calling to become an entrepreneur!
  2. My son will arrive in at the end of March (God willing)!
  3. My wife Farah and I are working on multiple business endeavors, including InnerLoop Innovations (my Branding, Marketing, and Web Presence Management firm), Personal Statement Consult (Farah’s personal statement & essay consulting service, coming mid January 2016), Kudrath Health Education (a website for Farah’s father’s company, and a hub for all of our health/medicine focused business endeavors), a very innovative and useful household invention (more to come soon), and a potentially game changing resource for becoming a physician in the United States (more to come on that too).
  4. I’ve also been working out consistently and counting every calorie for the past 5.5 months (and have lost 20 lbs and made huge gains in strength and aesthetics).  I plan to continue my dedication to my health so that I can become the superhero dad my son deserves!

Because I’m doing something that a lot of people dream of (leaving their job to work for themselves, reinventing themselves at age 30, etc.), I’ve decided that I owe it to everyone out there like me to blog about my experiences.  I’m sure every post won’t be as exciting or even as positive as this one.  They may not even always contain coherent sentences (nobody has ever accused me of being a great writer), but I promise you this, I’ll always be honest and truthful.  Whether it’s awesome or terrible, you’ll get the truth.

IbrahimHusain.com will be a sounding board for all of my new adventures in 2016.  Real networking and relationship building, entrepreneurship, fatherhood, community involvement, health/fitness improvement and all the other exciting things I plan to enter into this year.

So here’s to 2016.  Good or bad, it’s going to be a wild adventure!  I’m excited!

Ibrahim Husain, MBA/MHA

Ibrahim is an entrepreneur, blogger, and the founder of Innerloop Innovations. He enjoys drinking coffee and tea, exercising, taking photos, and spending time with his wife and baby boy.

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