Ibrahim Husain | Life List
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Life List

Just a couple of things I plan to do before making my final exit.

  1. Marry Farah (June 20, 2010)
  2. Become a parent (February 29 – Ali Ibrahim Husain was born)
  3. buy my first home
  4. Get a college degree (2009 – B.S. Biological Sciences)
  5. get a graduate degree (MBA/MHA- Graduated December 15, 2013)
  6. visit every continent
    • South America
    • Europe (May 2015, Italy)
    • Africa
    • Asia
    • Australia
    • Antarctica
    1. Organize a charity event
    2. visit a tropical island (6-2010, Antigua)
    3. go on a road trip all alone
    4. become fluent in second (and third) language
    5. Drive a supercar
    6. cook a 5 course meal and have a dinner party
    7. Go to a political rally (10-30-2010, Rally to Restore Sanity)
    8. go on a spiritual pilgrimage
    9. see an opera
    10. write a book
    11. visit the grand canyon
    12. run a marathon
    13. find a mentor
    14. be a mentor
    15. attend a traditional ceremony of a foreign culture
    16. plan and start an annual get together with friends and family
    17. learn sign language
    18. start a garden (December 2015, Aerogarden)
    19. explore a coral reef (May 2012, Hawaii)
    20. invent something and share it with the world
    21. Learn to use a surfboard, canoe, rifle, pistol, bow and arrow, and ride a horse
    22. compose a musical piece
    23. produce a proper cinematic piece
    24. Interview 10 interesting people and write their stories
    25. spend 7 days without technology, journal on good ole pen and paper
    26. cut down a tree with an axe
    27. plant another tree
    28. Try a DIY and document it
    29. Try a completely new food
    30. attend religious services of 5 different religions
    31. learn 3 different dances and dance them with Farah
    32. sleep under the stars
    33. paint someone’s nails
    34. master control of my body (through yoga, ballet, dance, gymnastics, or any other avenue)
    35. take a class with Farah (in progress, QuranRevolution – 2016)
    36. attend an official TED Conference
    37. learn to sail
    38. Ride a Ducati Superbike
    39. Drive a race track
    40. Take a spontaneous road trip with friends
    41. Sell something I’ve created (Sold ZenCollegeLife.com, 2009)
    42. Catch a fish and eat it
    43. create a philanthropic fund
    44. help someone else accomplish a life-list event
    45. Accomplish weird things like:
    • Rubik’s cube
    • juggling
    • win a challenging game of chess
    • play in the rain
    • make a time capsule
    • learn to whistle like I’m hailing a cab
    • make pasta from scratch
    • buy 1 lottery ticket
    • fly
    • have a good cry
    1. hand write an important thank you letter (December 2012)
    2. ride in a hot-air balloon
    3. be on TV
    4. design and build an architectural building
    5. walk on a black sand beach
    6. do 100 push-ups consecutively
    7. learn how to make a great cappuccino with coffee-art
    8. be inspired by an amateur’s art
    9. commission a completely custom-made suit
    10. hold someone’s hand as they go through a life changing event
    11. Take on a challenge from someone else
    12. Send 100 letters of appreciation (3/100)
    13. Photography stuff
    • photograph a wedding (May 2011, Shay Powell’s Wedding)
    • Climb a mountain and take a photo from the top
    • photograph wildlife in the wild
    • publish a photograph
    • see Aurora Borealis, photograph it
    • photograph a life changing event
    • visit/photograph/experience/write Hawaii (May 2012, Hawaii)
    • sell a photograph
    • photograph a sunset/sunrise (May 2012, Hawaii)