Ibrahim Husain | Entrepreneur
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The past five months have been a roller coaster of emotions ranging from extreme anxiety to extreme excitement.  I went from working for an employer (remotely, at home) to working for myself (also at home).  While it doesn't sound like it, it was quite an adjustment.  Instead of having a set list of tasks to complete, and a boss to answer to, my day was a blank slate.  The only problem (or more accurately, the biggest problem) was that if I didn't do the right things, I didn't have a steady paycheck to rely on.  And thus the anxiety.

Happy New Year!  2016!  Woohoo! 2016 holds a lot of big changes for me:
  1. I've quit my day job to pursue my calling to become an entrepreneur!
  2. My son will arrive in at the end of March (God willing)!
  3. My wife Farah and I are working on multiple business endeavors, including InnerLoop Innovations (my Branding, Marketing, and Web Presence Management firm), Personal Statement Consult (Farah's personal statement & essay consulting service, coming mid January 2016),