Ibrahim Husain | About Me
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About Me

Working for yourself, from home…

On January 1, 2016 Ibrahim decided to make a huge change in the direction of his life.  He left his job in corporate America, managing over 110 people, and decided to strike out on his own.  He founded InnerLoop Innovations to help small businesses and entrepreneurs do better online.  His company focuses on impactful branding, effective web design, and efficient, targeted marketing campaigns.

Ibrahim went from managing over 100 people to just having to manage one; himeself.  It was a more difficult transition than you might expect.  But day by day, he focuses on leveraging his strengths and improving on his weaknesses.  He has an arsenal of tools to keep him productive and setting and achieving goals.  He even hired a couple of teammates with specialties complementary to his own to further enhance the offerings of his company.


…is only impossible until you do it.

Now Ibrahim works his own schedule.  He develops new businesses and products often and is always available to seize whatever attractive opportunity presents itself.  Ibrahim consults for multiple companies in healthcare, and has even helped develop and sell test prep materials for student physicians.

Ibrahim lives in Houston, Texas with his lovely wife, Dr. Farah Kudrath and their beautiful son Ali.  He enjoys family time, reading non-fiction, learning new skills, and anything artistic and creative.  Ibrahim dabbles in photography and videography and loves doing personal experiments on himself.  For instance, he once went an entire month only sleeping 1.5 hours every 12 hours (3 hours per day).

Ibrahim loves being a part of other people’s stories.  If you have an offer or opportunity that you think might be of interest to him, please reach out.  He’d love to hear from you.

Ibrahim Husain, MBA/MHA